birth name  hannah simone baker birthdate / age  february 20, 1989 / 28 birthplace  high green, sheffield, uk residence  st. augustine, florida occupation  full-time bartender at cobalt lounge, camgirl on the side to pay the bills sexual orientation  bisexual relationship status  single family
bernadette (47, mum)
james (50, dad)
various half-siblings & step-siblings all over
the daughter of a rock 'n' roll musician and his high school sweetheart, hannah was their only child with at least six half-siblings who came along later in life from their other marriages. while her parents got divorced before hannah's 10th birthday, she knew it was bound to happen but that still didn't stop the girl from making a complete 180 shift from the sweet, calm-mannered little girl she always was before.

during high school was her biggest change in life, after deciding her daughter and herself were moving to florida and from now on hannah would be introduced to public school and a major loss in the family (hannah's grandma simone), the teenager acted out in dramatic ways. partying was her new vice, staying out for whole weekends at a time, experimenting with drugs and sex - hannah was outrageous and a total party animal back then.

still somehow graduated high school (she did well even) and further decided to attend college, mostly for the parties as she was hardly motivated enough to take school seriously. studied psychology as a major with a minor in business, truly the indecisive path she convinced herself was completely necessary as she was never 100% sure of what she wanted to do and her mother didn't seem too keen on helping.

after college was when she could get the money her grandmother had left her in the will, plenty for her to buy a pretty nice house in st. augustine but of course she instantly missed living with others and found a few room mates. once hannah found a couple humans to live with, she got a couple pets just to really make herself feel comfortable knowing sometimes she would be home alone still - currently she has a snake called gomez, a dog named iggy, a cat named siouxsie.

personality wise hannah is very friendly, outgoing, straight forward, empathetic, honest but she doesn't tolerate a lot of bullshit and generally has been known to have a short fuse in tense situations or ones where others try to put her or her family down. can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, that's completely up to everyone she meets.
quick facts ➣ speaks fluent french and some very broken italian
➣ cat's eyes and arctic monkeys are her favorite bands
➣ horror movies and comedies are her favorites, horror comedies are even better; campy 80's horror too
➣ was a model very briefly but didn't enjoy the way she was treated or the industry in general for that matter
➣ despite popular belief, she is actually very smart
➣ has a serious sweet tooth for chocolate and ice cream especially
➣ doesn't drink soda or lemonade, can't stand the feeling it leaves on her teeth
➣ loves the beach, pools, anywhere close to the water (and living in bikinis)
➣ nature/outdoorsy type, often goes for hikes or goes camping

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